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Our Services

We are committed to a high level of customer service and take pride in all of our work.  Please let us know what we can do to enhance your property.  We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business.

  • Powerwashing

  • Window Cleaning 

  • Roof Wash

  • Epoxy Floors

  • Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

  • Deck, Patio and Pool Deck

  • Storefront Entrance Restore

  • High Performance Paint

  • Stain/Rust/Graffiti Removal 

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Sometimes chemistry is not enough to properly clean a horizontal or vertical hard surface. In some cases, super high pressure is not the answer. Refurb Services can combine the right mixture of heat, water flow, pressure, chemistry and extraction to safely clean your interior or exterior hard surface to the best possible condition.


We can clean interior windows and exterior glass up to 45' from ground level using filtered water and low pressure. Removing all dissolved solids from the water allows glass to rinse without leaving streaks or spots. Hard water stain/spots/etch on some exterior glass can be safely removed.


The Storefront entrance is where your customers make their first impression. Concrete, glass, painted/anodized metal and brick will collect the same soils and atmospheric build-up and oxidation over time, however, each surface is drastically different and the processes to clean and maintain are equally different. We restore the storefront surfaces to like new condition to provide a pleasing first impression for your customers.  



Just a quick word on this innovative process; High temperature(200+ degrees), high pressure(2200+PSI), high volume(3+ gallons per minute), eco-friendly chemistry and massive extraction equal a powerful system to break up soil and bacteria then quickly eliminate all residue from the area. This leaves a hygienic, clean surface free from dirt and grime. Manually scrubbing and mopping simply cannot produce these results – We get in and out quickly leaving your horizontal or vertical hard surfaces in the best possible condition.



Tile and Grout issues are difficult to solve – that is unless you have enough horsepower quickly to blast away dirt and grime and completely remove it from the area. After we erase the soil and stains, we can properly treat the surface so it is easier to maintain in the future. Stop losing the battle with dirty tile and grout and let Refurb Services clean and protect your investment.  





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